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What is Payroll? Payroll Management System


To establish a foreign company in the Netherlands, you need to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, or KVK. It’s worthwhile to hire a Dutch legal professional when setting up your entity. The costs of registration are much lower than the fines and penalties for failing to register when you should. Resources for today’s global payroll challenges as they arise. After-tax deductions are deductions that are occur after taxes have been taken out of an employee’s pay. Biweekly — 45.7% — Twenty-six 80-hour pay periods per year, consisting of two 40 hour work weeks for overtime calculations.

At this stage, the validated input data is fed into the system for actual payroll processing. The result is the net pay after adjusting necessary taxes and other deductions. Once payroll process is over, it is always a good practice to reconcile the values and verify for accuracy to avoid any errors. You can evaluate the services of many payroll processing firms online and select the one that best meets your company’s requirements.


You’ll need payroll specialists, accountants, attorneys, and local HR experts to mitigate risk and stay compliant with local labor laws. For all regular (short-term) medical treatment, there is a system of obligatory health insurance with private health insurance companies. These insurance companies are obliged to provide a package with a defined set of insured treatments. A payroll tax holiday is a deferral of payroll tax collection until a later date, at which point those taxes would become due. A payroll tax deferral is intended to provide some temporary financial relief to workers by temporarily boosting their take-home pay.


Zoho Payroll is tightly integrated with Zoho Books, our in-house online accounting software, which records your payroll expenses automatically to the right journals. In order to guarantee that new parents get the paid parental leave they are entitled to, businesses can apply for an allowance to the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency . The allowance covers 100% of the daily wage of your employee for the duration of the maternity leave. For paternity leave, it covers 100% for the first five days and 70% for the optional five weeks. Partners of pregnant Dutch employees are entitled to paternity leave. New fathers or partners get five working days of paternity leave at full wages and can take an additional five weeks at 70% of their daily wage.

Payroll Outsourcing

There can be information like mid-year salary revision data, attendance data, etc. To make sure that your employees are happy and you are law compliant, you need to have a proper understanding of what Payroll is and how to run payroll effectively. Beside operating in the Netherlands, we have an ever-growing list of countries in which we run payroll. We look further than the standard services we offer so please contact us directly if you cannot find the answer to your question on our website.